ELHANAN BEN ISAAC OF DAMPIERRE (d. 1184), tosafist; son of isaac b. samuel the Elder of Dampierre whom he predeceased. Elhanan was martyred, but the circumstances are unknown. Although he wrote tosafot to many tractates,   only those to Avodah Zarah up to p. 35a are extant (Husiatyn, 1901). His tosafot to Yoma served as the source of the Tosafot Yeshanim to that tractate. His father often quotes him, as do other earlier halakhic authorities. Tosafot also cite him frequently. Elhanan also wrote responsa which cannot, however, always be identified as his, since they were usually written together with his father and bear his father's signature. Comments on the Bible are quoted in his name and he was the author of piyyutim. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Urbach, Tosafot, 211–7, 399; idem, in: Sefer Assaf (1953), 18–32; Davidson, Oẓar, 4 (1933), 361 (index). (Israel Moses Ta-Shma)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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